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Large. Larger. Extra large...
Innovation + Experience = Specialization
Expanding, evolving, innovating. Becoming much bigger - 130 x 100 cm ,120 x 60 cm, 120 x 30 cm, 120 x 20 cm, 120 x 11 cm, 100 x 100 cm, 100 x 33 cm, 90 x 45 cm, 80 x 80 cm. Achieving what seems to be impossible. Making dreams come true. Meeting the needs of the most exacting of professionals.
Inalco possesses that desire to excel that is needed to transform major architectural projects into tangible realities. That is why the firm innovates in processes, products and services to meet the needs and demands of a sector engaged in the constant challenge of seeking new groundbreaking goals.
A unique, distinctive style
By combining textures and colours, tiles can be created with a variety of different finishes, evoking a feeling of stylish deluxe elegance directed at stimulating the senses and inspiring new sensations.
INALCO's ceramic tile series have a style all of their own. They are trend setting and yet timeless. Inspired by fine materials, they guarantee added value and the benefit of exclusive products that stand out from all the rest. By using neutral colours, like white, stone, camel, grey and black, a careful match is ensured in keeping with the latest trends in interior design, bringing a touch of sensitivity and feeling to settings. In this way, elegant neat living spaces can be created, with a distinctive character, to be shared and enjoyed.
Discovering new lifestyles, reflecting your personality, bringing living spaces to life, awaking new passions.... You are our source of inspiration. Through innovation and creativity, we seek to stimulate your senses.

The Inalo-Bunch Collections
Innovating so as to create new living spaces
Conceived to rouse the senses and to be enjoyed, they are based on a distinctive vision of the materials that surround us in their purest of states. Through the senses –sight, spatial awareness, and touch– a variety of different sensations can be roused by using these materials.
The new Inalco-Bunch collections are the result of a collaborative relationship between Inalco and Bunch architects' studio, directed by Sara de la Mata. They demonstrate Inalco's strong bid to involve exacting professionals in the tile design process: professionals who seek to create new living spaces through innovation and differentiation.
The Inalco-Bunch collections explore the affective aspect of new architecture through interaction among textures, neutral shades and carefully refined finishes.

A whole new world of possibilities
Versatile, decorative and far lighter in weight, SlimmKer tiles are one of the most innovative ways of revamping living spaces swiftly and cleanly, without having to relinquish new trends in architecture and interior design.
At last…new lighter weight, versatile, decorative tiles SlimmKer is amazingly slim (4.3 mm) and large in format (ranging from 45x90 cm to 100x130 cm).
The hardness and resistance of porcelain tiles Precision-designed, SlimmKer is easily able to meet technical and sustainability requirements, fitting in to perfection with today's new architecture
With IPLUS, you set the limits SlimmKer is printed using avant-garde IPLUS technology. With it, unique unrepeatable tiles can be created, combining technical innovations with the latest trends in design to create settings full of personality and designer flair.
Never has it been so easy to lay tiles
Thanks to SlimmKer's low-weight slimline design, the tiles are easy to cut and handle, making them quicker to install.
Imagining and creating is as easy as pie
Wandefix, a pioneering adhesive-based bonding system for SlimmKer tiles, makes it easy to carry out refurbishment work by generating no rubble and helping to get the work done in record time.
Green tiles
SlimmKer is a more environmentally friendly product, since fewer resources and less energy are consumed during the manufacturing process, reducing emissions and pollutant materials
The new range of SlimmKer flooring
Like all the SlimmKer range, SlimmKer-Floor is decorated using IPLUS Digital Technology, ensuring a wide choice of patterns and textures.
In addition to the numerous benefits synonymous with Slimmker, such as its reduced thickness, variety of large formats (from 45x90 to 100x130cm), lighter weight, and easy handling and installation, SlimmKer-Floor tiles also feature a high mechanical resistance and high breaking strength, surpassing the values obtained with floor tiles of a conventional thickness. This makes SlimmKer-Floor an ideal choice as flooring indoors and out, for both private and public use.

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