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Menu Todagres is based in Villarreal, in the Spanish province of Castellón, in an area with a long-standing tradition of ceramic tile manufacturing. The company facilities cover an area of approximately 140,000m².
Since 1969, Todagres has successfully developed over successive decades to become an innovative firm and a pioneer in new products and manufacturing techniques.
Nevertheless, it made a qualitative leap in 1998 when a new product was created as a result of continuous efforts and dedication:
its Todanato® technical porcelain tile range. Now internationally acknowledged to be one of the finest Spanish makes of porcelain tiles, it is clearly the best exponent of business innovation, professional spirit and dedication to research.
With an extensive sales network, comprising over 700 Spanish sales points and distributors throughout the world, Todagres is one of the leading porcelain tile manufacturers.
Thanks to the company framework, our efficient service and a manufacturing process directed at the production and commercialisation of highly aesthetic tiles with first-class technical characteristics, it is very easy to highlight the qualities of our products. To realise what sets them apart from the rest, all you need do is try them out.
Todagres markets a wide range of products under the brand Todagres Todanato Porcelánico Técnico. Its prestige and distinction on the market has been achieved over time and is backed by the variety Todagres of products that represent it: Todanato Technical Porcelain tiles y el Painted Porcelain tiles.
Todagres uses a seal with the letters TG as a guarantee of the company's commitment to high-quality products and service.
The Todagres brand has gained world-wide recognition as a result of promotional campaigns and the sale of such products as Todanato porcelain tiles and white-bodied ceramic tiles.
Todanato is the brand of porcelain tiles manufactured by Todagres. The Todanato brand has been present on the market for over six years, during which time it has represented the company's business and product approach to perfection. A fresh product that provides high performance and versatility in all projects striving for a unique appeal.
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