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Welcome to VIVES, a company that produces wall, floor and porcelain tiles. Our most successful products are the big size tiles and the technical innovations, such as the slip resistant floor tiles.
At VIVES you will find a wide range of possibilities for interior design to decorate both in contemporaneous or rustic style, your bathroom, kitchen or living room, as well as the façades, terraces, walls and floors. Let your imagination play the main role.
Vives Azulejos y Gres is a company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic products for floor, wall, porcelain and special pieces, in order to create an innovative and effective product. Thanks to our Evolution characterized by our constant concern for progress and our effort for satisfying the most demanding needs of the market, we create high quality ceramic products with a trendy design. Vives represents (incorporates) All in ceramics with great efforts in R&D&I Research to allow us to offer Quality ceramic products with a trendy design. We are able to meet the architectural design requirements and to create elegant, avant-garde and exclusive settings.
Thanks to this constant effort, VIVES becomes an innovative company that is constantly adapting to new technologies, provided with the most advanced production systems. Vives is also committed to environmental policies through EcoVives, all backed up by more than fifty years of experience.

Vives Plus
Technological innovation product. More resistance at any place. It offers maximum safety transit. More resistance front weather and chemical conditions, etc... Latest generation product with higher technical features.
The design of the back for VIVES + tiles reduces the quantity of material needed to fix the tile. We get a better quality tiling, as well as fixing material saving and therefore natural resources saving.


Vives +


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